Hello New Zealand

Hey, sweethearts. I will spend next year in New Zealand. And that’s where I’d like to take you. A year of Work&Travel and I can hardly understand it. After successful Abi it starts on 27.08. Luckily, I have no concerns and I’m really relaxed. Perhaps because it is a dimension that I simply cannot grasp in the form. But I am really so happy and thankful to have the opportunity to do such a thing. And that’s exactly what I want to share with you now. Your Pia. XX

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Bay of Islands

Paihia is a sweet little town. It was a super nice week. But after one week you have already seen everything. To stay there for two months, it is a bit too small and unfavourable, because you can hardly make day trips. From Tauranga, which is more centrally located on the North Island, this is…

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Start in Northland

Now the journey can finally begin. The first roadtrip should go to Paihia in the Bay of Islands. I first wanted to work there, but the plans have changed. On the way there we made some stops, so that we needed two days for the 3h distance. After having seen beautiful beaches, waterfalls and small…

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